Interactive Animal Bowl, Spoon & Fork Set

BPA Free, Plastic, Silicon, Antiseptic Ceertified, Durable
Cat: 14,6cm  x 14cm x 5.5cm Bear: 14.4cm x 14.4cm x 5.5cm

This award winning kitchenware set is a cool option to capture your little ones attention and make eating more interactive and fun.The design characteristics are not the only special feature about this set but also the materials it is made from.

Safety is the most important aspect of eating and this set ensures that the materials it is made from are BPA free and antiseptic certified. It is also lightweight and durable, suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher and using in the microwave oven for quickly heating up the food. 

The animal ears are not only there as an optical element but can help grab the bowl easily by children and parents. The bottom part is lined with a red anti-slip silicon ring that also provides a cool contrast with the undertoned colours of the bowls. Finally the lid comes in handy when you need to store food and keep it protected. 

Our kitchenware are available in dark grey and ivory and the bowls come in two shapes Cat and Bear.

Each set contains one bowl with lid, a fork and a spoon.